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Document Understanding with AI & RPA

Robotic Process Automation started as a technology proving its value in automating rules-based and repetitive tasks throughout an enterprise. From legacy applications to modern complex applications RPA can automate everything that a human can do with her hands. However with the advent of technology we have come to know that traditional RPA cannot tackle a […]
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RPA Healthcare Eligibility

RPA for automating health insurance checks using AI

US Healthcare Billing Process Challenges The US healthcare billing system needs digital transformation to meet the increasing workload and to cut down the operating costs. According to a report 22%* of the claims submitted are rejected out of which 40%* are never ever resubmitted. 65%* of claim component denials are never contended for. Moreover above […]
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What makes a good RPA Solution Architect!

As your organization takes the Automation initiatives it becomes imperative to work hard on building an efficient Center of Excellence (CoE) whose members comprise of various roles needed for RPA implementation. The Automation First thinking is indispensable in today’s fast changing business scenario but comes with challenges that need to be overcome. One of the […]
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RPA is becoming AI: How can RPA augment humans?

Robotic Process Automation has evolved over recent years. It started off by automating processes in a way to emulate humans for their rule-based repetitive and low judgement tasks. The innovations around computer vision and ease of authoring the human-like workflows kick started the automation era. RPA is all set to increase its intelligence in process […]
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RPA: Benefits vs Cost of Integration

Have you ever wondered how Robotic Process Automation or RPA can benefit your business processes? Do you realize how many repetitive processes that your business handles manually can benefit from the adoption of RPA? You may still be unaware of how RPA adoption can benefit your business. Either get free RPA integration assessment done or […]
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