Founder’s Vision

Auxiliobits is a dynamic team, of entrepreneurs, consultants, developers and solution architects who are passionate about the modern digital workforce. Together we have many years of experience in process automation and enterprise level software and processes. We are a global consulting firm who helps integrate Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in an enterprise business model and help them deploy the solutions in production environments. We also partner with enterprises for their need to train their in-house workforce to be ready for the future of robotic process automation’s digital workforce. As a company we are implementation and training partners with experienced and acclaimed RPA platforms of the world.

Auxiliobits vision is to enable any domain of an enterprise business to leverage the digitization of the workforce and realize quick benefits with a minimal disruption to the underlying systems. We are committed to improve customer experiences for enterprises by helping them integrate and implement RPA strategies that will help digitize and automate their processes and workflows.
As an employer we are always looking for colleagues who can stand with our vision and can work towards betterment of the future of digitization and automation.

Birinder Singh

Founder and Managing Partner