Stay Competitive

Achieve up to 40% cost savings in procurement, regulatory or inventory management

Manufacturing, enduring backbone of the global economy, is facing new challenges in an undefined market. The time-intensive tasks that support the production line-whether procurement, regulatory compliance, or inventory management-still largely rely on people-driven processes. To stay competitive, manufacturing groups must adapt and optimize these often complex and tangled processes that define the manufacturing value chain.

Value Chain

Key is to keep moving faster and more effectually.

Wrong repetition processes intensely increase the risky productivity of manufacturing companies and the smart leaders of these companies grip the RPA to increase their output and good productivity.

So, companies are shifting their production unit from human resources to physical robots for their assembly, quality check and packing. Though these robots help to renovate the assembly line, the companies still stressed to manage its operational processes and back-office work.

RPA Effect

Accelerating time-to-market

Companies started applying automation with the help of RPA to reduce the human mistakes and reducing the Human resources and the ability to increase the productivity. Using Robotics Process Automation technologies in their back-end operations, they are able to achieve up to 40% cost savings in the various area of work.

Automating back-office and operative processes within the manufacturing value chain is key to moving faster and more effectually, while at the same time reducing costs, accelerating time-to-market, and enabling improvement to flourish.

The manufacturer was also encountered a significant skills gap because many of its skilled workers, particularly of the Baby Boom era, were retiring and rates were growing rapidly. In order to keep up with the percentage of retiring workers, the company faced a 280% hiring increase compared to 7 years ago.

Production management – From raw material to effectively choosing the right material in such competitive market, robots help in analytics and future predictions.
Month end reporting – extracting data from invoices and bank statements, adding them to the ERP’s, sending confirmation mails and updates, RPA got it covered.
Real-time process monitoring and analytics.
Dramatically speed up turn-around times for market readiness

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