Grow Your Portfolio

Use the Virtual Workforce to Focus on Portfolio than Operations.

Using our virtual workforce, you’ll spend less time on processes and more time growing your portfolio. Witnessing the digitalization of the real estate sector raises the demand, as buildings will eventually be smarter than our processes. To guarantee that the administration keeps up with latest trend, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has developed further and has created additional impact when compared to other disruptive technologies. RPA will reduce dependence on the workforce for performing mundane tasks.

Manage Complexities

Handle Enormous Data and Compound Processes.

The industry functions on enormous amounts of data and compound processes. Managing and streamlining such complexities needs to be supported by innovative technology.
Using cognitive intelligence, AI and machine learning capabilities to automate processing of huge amounts of data and complex processes can allow us to focus on the real problem rather than manage day to day tasks.

Real Estate Operations

Automate Everyday Real Estate operations

Everyday real estate operations are no more a pain with the advent of new technologies like RPA, AI and machine learning. Tasks that used to take days and months are accomplished within hours. Dependence on staff for petty things can be done away with. Many dat to dat tasks like deal sourcing, entity and property setup, contracts, portfolio management and much more can be done through software robots.

No longer a human is needed to conduct credit and background checks or carry out real estate listings. All this can use the modern technology to deliver the results in no time:

Automation of Investor AML and KYC can be achieved. Real estate listings can be automated.
Portfolio monitoring can be delegated to an RPA robot in addition to accounts payabale and receivables.
Leads managament and conversations can be handled by chatbots and RPA bots.
Rent accounting, facilities managament and lease management tasks can be automated quickly.

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