Never before could imagine that a machine can handle natural conversations with a marketing potential lead. Making use of the Robotic Process Automation frameworks you can deploy a chatbot in minutes on any platform or channel you may be working on.
Be it an SMS gateway or a website deploy your natural conversations using enhanced AI enabled RPA and chatbots.

Replying to thousands of marketing leads over SMS or emails can take a toll on your business processes. The process of responding to the marketing leads is time consuming and doesn’t help if most of the leads are not positive.
Identifying the filtering positive leads from the marketing campaigns being run can be automated using the combination of AI based chatbots and RPA.

Chatbots on the forefront of customer service, can be used to trigger operations and processes that are automatically handled by RPA robots. Combining the power of Robotic Process Automation along with chatbots that have the cognitive abilities can take a business process to the next level of efficiency and customer experience. To provide end-to-end customer and employee experience chatbots and RPA can be integrated.

A seamless experience is offered to a customer who does not have to wait for a human to provide the information that is needed. An RPA system can help a chatbot to retrieve information from heterogeneous software systems without the need of disruption into the existing solution. An RPA robot can fetch information from the chatbot conversation and provide inputs to business processes and triggers them that may otherwise take hours to process information.