Your trusted Digital Transformation and Enterprise Modernization partner

Discover how leaders can harness five forces for
reinventing the enterprise!

Your trusted Digital Transformation and Enterprise Modernization partner

Discover how leaders can harness five forces for reinventing the enterprise!

Communication Mining to Improve CX

Utilize Large Language Models (LLM) to Monitor and Automate Business Communication

Fine tune your intelligent automation program
with insightful custom Analytics

Data insights can help you to fine tune your RPA program to gain the best
ROI and set the stage for scalability.

Reinventing Enterprise Operations

Embark a journey towards reinventing and optimizing operations to be ready for the future!

See how Generative AI like ChatGPT can augment RPA

A Fully Automated Enterprise can benefit from AI technologies like ChatGPT 

Automate your Finance Function!

Automate the finance department and foster innovation by enhancing workflow efficiencies, reducing costs, processing times, and risks. Deploy AI-driven HyperAutomation!

This allows the finance team to focus on high-value, strategic work, increasing overall accuracy and capacity.

98% of sales order workload can be shifted to robots

80% faster reconciliation times

2X greater transaction processing capacity

Why Auxiliobits!

10+ years of leadership in Digital Transformation and HyperAutomation.

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More than 98% client satisfaction as per the client testimonials and feedback.

Client Satisfaction
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Focus on reinventing enterprise operations through advanced technologies and realizing quick ROI.

Automated Hours
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Innovative and Inclusive culture to drive engagement. Hyper caring deliveries to realize 100% satisfaction.

ROI in 3+ Years
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Join our fast growing global team to unleash your full potential.

Industry Expertise

Manufacturing, Healthcare, Supply Chain and Logistics, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Retail, Telecom

Our Automation as a Service Platform

Quick Onboarding

Realize quick ROI when you onboard your process without the hassles of managing the automation

Controlled Cost and Environment

Experience pay-as-you-go flexibility with full control and insights into the bot utilization. Relieve yourself of upfront costs and uncertainty

Be Scale Ready!

Don't think twice before scaling up business operations. And Scaling down too. Add or remove bot runtime as per the need.

Auxiliobits' Professional Services for HyperAutomation

Deploy Auxiliobits Center of Excellence to Reinvent Your Enterprise Operations through HyperAutomation!


Let Auxiliobits Consultants discover processes that can be automated and define the scope of delivery and outcome.


Our Hybrid and Fully Functional Center of Excellence will allow you to augment your expertise and team.


Deliveries and HyperCare phases will never be so easy with our team taking care of the curation and monitoring and providing maintenance as part of the SLA.

License Management

Optimize the license usage and prevent leaks and unnecessary SKUs penetrating into your ownership. Reduce the cost of ownership with our transparent approach.

End-to-end COE

Partner with Auxiliobits to build and deliver autonomous business through a wide range of inhose capabilities. Reinvent enterprise operations and realize quick ROI.


Our certified professionals will make sure that your business users are never left behind when AI take over. Train your SMEs to work in tandem with automation.


Our clients have been witnessing quick ROI forthe Automation that is applied to their
existingbusiness processes. Insights from our experts can help you witness this!

Leveraging Generative AI And RPA For Enhanced Productivity And Innovation: The Future Of Work

Transforming Business Operations with Intelligent Automation: The Power of Integrating UiPath RPA and Generative AI

The Generative AI Revolution in Healthcare

Driving Autonomous Operations with GenAI


We position our clients at
the forefront of their field
by advanced services.

Our services and business solutions help enterprises to leverage the digital transformation and apply AI driven technology to realize improved efficiency and costs. We help our clients solve complex business problems.

Business Process Management

Understand, Manage and Develop your organization's business processes to deliver value added products and services for your customers.
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Robotic Process Automation

Delegate all boring stuff to RPA robots. These bots are intelligent enough to take subtle decisions based on real-time data.
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Marketing Automation using RPA and Chatbots

Experience your marketing leads in conversation with your chatbots that respond like a human using an RPA platform.
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QA Test Automation
using RPA

With RPA it is possible to execute test cases that could only be run manually. Relying on robots for quality is the New!
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RPA Deployment and Monitoring

RPA robots need to be deployed efficiently and monitored for performance to get the best out of the automation initiative.
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Process Mining and Automation

Discover your next automation opportunities using our scientific Process Mining tools that deep dive into your daily processes.
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You are in good company!