About us

About us

We're a global Automation and Artificial Intelligence advisory company.

We enable AI-powered automation to transform and deploy digital workforce which is flawless and productive enough to be doing their job with zero errors and many times the productivity.

We help small, medium and large enterprises to analyze, structure and deploy a digital workforce and archive cost efficiency and almost instant Return on Investment (ROI).

AI & Automation
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Cloud and Data Analytics
QA & DevOps
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We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advanced services.

Our services and business solutions help enterprises to leverage the digital transformation and apply AI driven technology to realize improved efficiency and costs. We help our clients solve complex business problems.

Business Process Management

Understand, Manage and Develop your organization's business processes to deliver value added products and services for your customers.

Robotic Process Automation

Delegate all boring stuff to RPA robots. These bots are intelligent enough to take subtle decisions based on real-time data.

Marketing Automation using RPA and Chatbots

Experience your marketing leads in conversation with your chatbots that respond like a human using an RPA platform.

QA Test Automation using RPA

With RPA it is possible to execute test cases that could only be run manually. Relying on robots for quality is the New!

RPA Deployment and Monitoring

RPA robots need to be deployed efficiently and monitored for performance to get the best out of the automation initiative.

Process Mining and Automation

Discover your next automation opportunities using our scientific Process Mining tools that deep dive into your daily processes.

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In order to acquire our services please kindly send us your inquiry of interest. We shall revert back in a business day.

We Have Helped Our Clients To Embark Their Digital Transformation Journey With Ease.

With the processes we have automated and applied digital transformation that we have applied we have helped our clients save thousands of man hours per year.

We Share a Vision of Being the Most Trusted Brand in Providing Innovative and Dependable Solutions

We envision to enable any domain of an enterprise business to leverage the digitization of the workforce and realize quick benefits with a minimal disruption to the underlying systems..

We Focus On Ability, Performance and Personal Character to Get the Best in Ability and Skill.

We welcome technical difficulties and focus on highly sophisticated technical products that have great usefulness in society, regardless of the quantity involved


Our Core Team.


Birinder has a varied experience across industry verticals and is an RPA Solution Architect. He has undertook many Business Roles and leads the RPA and AI initiatives at Auxiliobits

Birinder Singh

Founder and Managing Partner


Sandeep is a pillar for RPA delivery. With an experience in implementation and deployment of various automation projects he makes sure that the team delivers quality all the time with no exceptions

Sandeep Pathak

Delivery and Strategy Head

Atinder brings in leadership in the RPA implementation and deployment from his varied experience. He has worked on complex deployments in companies like BMW.

Atinder Pal Singh

Vice President (Delivery & Innovation)


Paramjit has expertise in managing operations and Business Development and serves a pillar in keeping the team together.

Paramjit Kaur

Operations & Sales

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