RPA and Process Mining are coming together. As per Gartner organizations are rapidly identifying and automating as many business processes as part of their HyperAutomation strategy. The organizations are automating more and doing that strategically. Using Process Mining scientific tools can help getting insights into the processes and thus increasing company productivity and cutting down costs.

Using Process Mining tools you can use your existing IT systems and application data to reveal the next automation opportunity. Existing systems and application data can be represented as processes and various data-driven insights can be unlocked.

You can get complete visibility of your organization’s processes to identify areas of improvement. Monitoring the ongoing processes can be benefited to identify best automation opportunities.

Discover what to automate by using custom process mining tools along with inbuilt AI. These tools provide swift and intelligent insights to take relevant actions. To help identify all time-consuming processes and inefficient activities process mining tools can provide data insights through which we can enhance automated and employee-driven processes. A complete process transparency can help organizations to learn about their existing processes and quickly implement RPA on the shortlisted processes.

Apart from shortlisting of the candidate processes Process Mining can actually provide insights into what part of the process you would need to automate to realize best of the benefits. We can help you take a scientific approach using AI and Process Mining to make a data based decision about which opportunities to go after from automation point of view. With Process Mining you could: