Auxiliobits entered into partnership with UiPath as part of its endeavor to help enterprises achieve intelligent process automation through RPA with quick Return On Investment

    8 Feb 2019


    Auxiliobits today announced its partnership with UiPath which is the world’s leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform to help medium and large enterprises across India and globe to implement process automation across departments.

    Auxiliobits Technologies Private Limited today announced that is has entered into a Business Partnership as a consulting and implementation partner with UiPath which is the world’s leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation platform. Through this partnership Auxiliobits in India and across geographies will enhance the capability of its enterprise customers to implement process automation through UiPath powered software robots. Robotic process Automation solutions powered with UiPath AI capabilities provide operational efficiency to Auxiliobits clients and will lead to lowering of operational costs through error reduction and productivity increase.

    “By getting into partnership with UiPath, Auxiliobits can work with agility to provide its enterprise clients with quick benefits of RPA. With loads of industry knowledge Auxiliobits can leverage UiPath robots to automate simple to complex processes for a business with minimum time and faster ROI. I look forward to working closely with UiPath to drive the automation first era. We aim to keep the automation implementation costs low and being subject matter experts in RPA and UiPath will help achieve this as well.” – Birinder Singh, Director RPA and AI, Auxiliobits.

    Auxiliobits in India and across the globe (for our overseas clients) provides process automation consulting and implementation for its medium to large enterprise businesses helping them recognize, shortlist and automate various repetitive rules based tasks. With expertise in domains like Manufacturing, Insurance, Finance and BPO/KPO Auxiliobits has a wide range of services to offer like chatbots, RPA, Analytics and Business Intelligence. With its apt workforce comprising of RPA Center of Excellence, Auxiliobits provides end to end automation solutions for a business to achieve rapid ROI.

    About Auxiliobits

    Auxiliobits is a professional services firm which caters to clients in India and overseas. We provide consulting, implementation and deployment services for UiPath powered robots to provide our clients with industry-focused solutions. We understand businesses better that makes us stand out in our RPA delivery processes and setting up of Center of Excellence (CoE). Auxiliobits vision is to enable any domain of an enterprise business to leverage the digitization of the workforce and realize quick benefits with minimal disruption to the underlying systems. We are committed to improve customer experience for enterprises by helping them integrate and implement RPA strategies that will help digitize and automate their processes and workflows. LinkedIn Twitter Facebook

    About UiPath

    UiPath is the world’s leading and fastest growing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform which has been recently valued at $7 Billion. Its open platform allows tons of flexibility and the deployment happens in record time. More than 1500 enterprises use UiPath’s AI powered software robots to automate tons of processes and save man hours to be used in more productive jobs. UiPath robots are easy to manage, can run 27×7, are quickly replicable and scalable, and are deployed with disruption in a business process environment.

    UiPath is democratizing RPA with over 200,000 developers worldwide. UiPath presence has expanded to more than 15 countries and has recently received a funding of $568 million in a series D round of funding. UiPath originated in Romania, is based out of New York and has offices in India in all major cities.

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