Auxiliobits Automation Solutions for Invoice Processing

Key takeways Invoice processing is an important business function of any organization. It is a function of the accounts payable department that manages vendor/supplier invoices from their receipt to payment. An organization processes several invoices over time. And, each time the process is vulnerable to several shortcomings. So, the organization…
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How RPA Embraces AI to HyperAutomate Businesses?

Key takeways Automation software such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has found wide acceptance across several verticals. In addition to RPA, low-code or no-code tools, iPaaS, etc., are technologies that help automate workload. RPA is limited in scope because of its inability to process unstructured data, restricted scalability, etc. Hyperautomation…
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Understanding RPA and How it can boost your business?

Key takeways RPA is the software that helps build, deploy, and manage “robots” that can automate several mundane tasks without human intervention. RPA is spearheading digital transformation across industries because it functions on low-code or no-code solutions facilitating digital transformation by non-IT professionals as well. RPA can be used in…
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Document Understanding with AI & RPA

Key takeways RPA can automate everything, from legacy applications to modern complex applications, that a human can do with her hands. Artificial Intelligence works with RPA to overcome its shortcomings and elevates traditional RPA to the next level. Today businesses are leveraging the collaborative power of RPA and AI to…
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What makes a good RPA Solution Architect!

As your organization takes the Automation initiatives it becomes imperative to work hard on building an efficient Center of Excellence (CoE) whose members comprise of various roles needed for RPA implementation. The Automation First thinking is indispensable in today’s fast changing business scenario but comes with challenges that need to…
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