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The Future of Manufacturing : Hyperautomation with RPA

The Future of Manufacturing: Hyperautomation with RPA

Manufacturing is the backbone of any economy. In the most basic terms, manufacturing is converting raw materials to finished products. A business that manufactures products has a multitude of administrative and non-administrative functions that need to function seamlessly for creating a product and marketing it.  Technology has always played a vital part in the manufacturing […]
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Intelligent material ledger closing process

Material Ledger is a complex tool offered by SAP. This tool helps manage core manufacturing-related materials in different currencies and valuations. It contains transactional data whose master data is contained in the material master. Material Ledger evaluates the prices of these items with the help of the stored data. Before we dive into the automation […]
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Intelligent Procure-to-Pay Solutions by Auxiliobits

Procure-to-pay (P2P) is an integral part of any manufacturing organization. P2P function goes through processes such as requisitioning, purchase, receiving payment, accounting for goods and services, and more. In a nutshell, the procure-to-pay function entails all activities from ordering to payment. The productivity of an organization depends to a large extent on the efficiency of […]
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