Why you Must Automate Account Reconciliations

Why you Must Automate Account Reconciliations?

Key takeways Account reconciliation is a tedious and complex process because it entails verifying each entry in the general ledger, identifying discrepancies, and addressing them. The complexities of the process grow as the business grows. The manual system has several shortcomings that make the process slow and inaccurate. Automation overcomes…
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Intelligent Procure-to-Pay Solutions by Auxiliobits

Key takeways The Procure to Pay (P2P) function goes through processes such as requisitioning, purchasing, receiving payment, accounting for goods and services, and more. Bottlenecks in traditional P2P include invisible costs, keeping up with changes in compliance terms and regulatory norms, inefficient management in everyday transactions, ineffective vendor communication, etc.…
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Payroll Process Using RPA

Why you need automation bots in payroll processing?

Key takeways Payroll processing includes several steps for calculation and disbursement of payments to the employees after a specific payroll period. Payroll processing deals with the collection, movement, and delivery of large volumes of sensitive data. Technologies such as RPA, AI, ML, etc., have revolutionized how payroll processing functions. RPA…
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