Author: Gaurav Sharma

RPA Streamlines in Cybersecurity

8 Critical Functions that RPA Streamlines in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a huge cause for concern in the last few years. The number of cyberattacks that were already on the rise accelerated growth during the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the way in which businesses function. Digital transformation, which was considered an option by many organizations became a must during the pandemic. Businesses […]
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Payroll Process Using RPA

Why you need automation bots in payroll processing?

The terms like Robotic Process Automation or automation make people imagine mechanized robots seen in Sci-fi movies. However, an automation bot is simply software that can be integrated with your existing processes to automate them. While many organizations are utilizing RPA to automate routine processes, several others have gone a step further and adopted AI-based […]
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